Hey Cheap Ass, This Is For You.

20121223-141838.jpg So EA right now is having a massive sale on a lot of their iPhone and iPad apps in the App Store. You can visit this site here and take a look at what’s on sale. You can also click on the Daily Spin thing at the top and play a slot machine game for a free app. Take a peek after the break at some of the apps I grabbed. Most of the apps on sale are only .99 right now….even ones like Plants vs. Zombies HD that is usually like $6.99. There are also a lot of iPhone apps on sale too right now. I might take longer to download them right now, because their servers must be getting slammed.

20121223-142458.jpg Here’s a shot at just some of the apps available. Head on over and check em out while they’re still there. And remember, even if its not an app you want right now, you can buy it now on sale, delete it, and reinstall it anytime you want thanks to the free App Store cloud storage.