Google Maps is Back on the iPhone


People in major cities with metro transportation can rejoice again! In late night heroics, Google came to the recuse to us iPhone users that HATE ‘Maps’ and brought back Google Maps to iOS in app form (was technically available via mobile web). With a perfect rating and over 5000 users reviewing, people are clearly ecstatic about the return of this app (yes, I know that most rated out if spite).

Where does this leave Apple? This has been a year that Google really made strides to show us that it’s not going to let Apple dominate. With the release of the Nexus 7, and Nexus 10 and the release of the Chromebook, (all affordable and not terrible products) Google has brought heat upon Apple. Now with many users flocking to Google Apps on iOS, this might be a sign of things to come with users flocking to Android and leaving iPhone.