Goodbye Jim Schwartz

It is time to say goodbye to Jim Schwartz in Detroit. This embarrassing season by the Lions leaves no doubt that he has to go if they want to be a winning team. He has lost control of his players, and this “defensive guru” has not shown us the genius that he has this year.

The Lions (after last night) have lost five straight games and now have “a battle” with the Cardinals next week to see who will prevail as the king of the 4-9′s in the NFC. After such a turn around last year, Schwartz has led this team to another disappointing year that Lions fans know all too well.

As for the Lions front office… Give a blank check to Bill Cower and let him go nuts and get this team into the Superbowl. He did it with minimal talent in Pittsburgh, he can do it with great talent in Detroit. Will it happen? No, but I do think we need to be saying goodbye to Jim Schwartz