EPL Boxing Day Mayhem!

Clive Brunskil/ Getty Images

Clive Brunskil/ Getty Images

Manchester United expanded their lead in the English Premiere League today with a wild win versus Newcastle. New Castle United dominated the game until they did their best impression of New Castle United and imploded in the second half. A shot off the goal post late in the match turned into goal in the 90th by Chicharito, which sealed a 4-3 victory for the Reds. Controversy will arise from this match, with Sir Alex Ferguson, abusing the refs about missed calls and calls not going his way. This was a great victory for Man U, because their crosstown rivals, Manchester City lost 1-0 to Sunderland, now gives them a 7 point lead in the table. Former City winger Adam Johnson netted a goal in the 53rd minute, and superb goal keeping by Simon Migonlet, led Sunderland to victory. Chelsea kept pace with a 1-0 win against Norwich City, thanks to a goal in the 38′ by Juan Mata. Does Manchester United have the power to hold the lead in the table?

The top of the able right now is:

Manchester United: 46

Manchester City: 39

Chelsea: 36

Everton: 33

West Bromwich Albion: 33