Eagle Snatching Boy is a Fake… Take Your Kids Back To The Playground

This Eagle snatching the little kid off the field has to be the biggest video going around right now, as much as I want to believe this bird just grabbed the kid as prey, too many people are calling it a hoax because of the how it’s filmed. Every 10 year old’s dreams of being scooped up and flown around for a while were just squashed.

We have the evidence after the break

CP -“Notice how jerky the eagle and child move. The movements aren’t smooth like you would expect from a forward moving object. The background, however pans naturally and smoothly. The two don’t match up. Nor does the child stay in it’s relative position with the eagle. These are obvious signs of CGI.”

Gawker-“* Secondly, news of this harrowing incident is nowhere to be found in Canadian media. Seems like a story someone would cover.”