Does Anyone Care About the NHL Strike?

20121211-074101.jpgYesterday the NHL announced games through December 30th have been cancelled. Did anyone catch that memo? With the resurgence of the NBA, I think most sports fans in the United States could really care less (Exception: Detroit because the Pistons blow, New Jersey because they lost the Nets and Minnesota because its always cold there). The NHL (Gary Bettman) needs to realize that contraction is inevitable and shrink the league so that both sides can be happy. Markets that have “been successful” in terms of hockey play, still are losing money and that’s the issue.

The NHL is not a major market league anymore, so why is it trying to be? It has three teams in California, two teams in Florida, a team in “Carolina”, a team in Phoenix… And not a team in an area where hockey will thrive like Quebec City, Seattle and Milwaukee (hell, anywhere in Wisconsin, case in point: Green Bay Packers).

All in all, Gary Bettman has ruined the sport no one cared about in the first place and he had easy ways to fix it and he won’t. If the NHL doesn’t come back this year, I doubt anyone will care or even notice… If the NHL does come back I doubt anyone will care or notice… Good Job Bettman.