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Two College Students Snuck Into The SuperBowl and Throw It On YouTube For All To See

Two Savannah State (known as “Kobe” & “LeBron”) students just snuck into the Super Bowl and wanted to show every one how easy it was. Going to Savannah State must give you balls. These kids don’t flinch. After walking right past the main security check point, where all the officers are just sitting around staring at shoes, they end up in the loading docks eventually on the field. How dumb is the security guard letting them right in after they say they are making a documentary. Absolute hustling at it’s finest, or just complete asshole security not giving a shit.

Although this is a terribly edited video, and is really long for no reason, these two idiots have some balls. Not only did they manage to get past several security officials, but then they also get on to the field in time to see Beyonce at her best. “Kobe” & “LeBron” plan to release the entire video, to help police when they decide to go after and prosecute… typical dumb shit by future YouTube stars.

Philadelphia Streaker Goes Balls Deep On Public Bus Then Chases On-Lookers

naked27n-4-webNYDailyNews – City of brotherly or what bro? Straight balls swinging every where all over everything over there. Some unidentified old guy just went balls deep on a windshield SEPTA Bus. After jumping on the empty bike rack of the public bus, he decided that he might as well put his boxers on his head. Of course people took out their phones to record this old wrinkly ballsack, but we guess he doesn’t like it so he starts chasing them around, meat just swinging every where. He was eventually arrested after attempting to put his boxers back on. 


Once again, no shocker that we have naked old men trying to jam balls down everyone’s mouth in Philly. Just another average day. (Check out the Video After The Break)

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Wait… For $3,000/Month You Can Buy Yourself A College Coed “Sugar Baby”?!?


NYPost Story Summary;

  • Coeds in College at expensive universities are in debt and need “Sugar Daddies” CORM’s (Creepy Old Rich Men)
  • “Mutually Beneficial” relationships are promised in exchange for monthly allowances averaging $3,000/month to College Coeds aka “Sugar Babies”
  • Females with high loans find easy way to legally prostitute to pay off loans
  • is about to become the world’s largest CORM Database

I mean, I would if I get to that point when I am a creepy old rich man… but still makes me think.

What’s worse? Having your daughter on the pole or dating wrinkly saggy old balls?


Idiot Alex Jones Does What Everyone Does When They Watch Piers Morgan

Screen shot 2013-01-07 at 10.22.51 PMIn case you aren’t aware, Alex Jones is dumber than shit, and although most the shit he says doesn’t make sense and is all nonsense, he really got this impersonation dead on. Who doesn’t see Piers and think about doing the same accent? It’s one of the most annoying f*cking things to listen to him speak. Either way I think Piers has some balls for bringing this guy on to his show and placing him within 3 feet and not blinking while this guy was going balls deep mocking him.

On a background side note, Jones was on the show because he created a petition to have Piers deported… for free speech, the first amendment.


In Celebration of Vergara’s Recent Bikini Shoot, We Give You More Sofia Vergara

Sofia VergaraGod doesn’t bless many woman like they bless Sofia Vergara. Everyone’s favorite character on Modern Family still sluts it around in her personal life. After pushing out her son 20 years ago, there might be some wear and tear that we haven’t seen YET. Who cares what possible roast beef could be under her pants tho, when we have bikini shots like the one she recently took, you have to assume that shit is just as pristine as the rest of the package.

Honestly look at that body. She destroys most bitches half her age and she knows it. Sofia is definitely on the DN Talent list for females over 40. That list doesn’t stretch too far, but includes other marvels like Hallie Berry, Marisa Tomei, Demi Moore, Morena Baccarin and Gina Gershon… sure there’s plenty more out there, but those are the ones off the top that scream to get inside them.


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Holy Sh*t Another Guy Pushed Into On Coming Subway Train

ABCNEWSWitnesses told police that the victim did not seem to notice the woman behind him. He was struck by the first of the 11-car train. His body was pinned under the front of the second car as the train came to a stop, according to a statement from Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne.

Wtf is going on here? Guy standing at the subway station didn’t even notice the lady standing there? So this was a random push and shove situation? Shits getting crazy here in NYC. Women have always been hidden devils and not to be trusted (especially those you sleep with nightly), but now they’re randomly pushing people onto the tracks.

Kid Gets Hood Slammed On Head And Cries About It

Screen shot 2012-12-27 at 10.39.46 PMBad move bro. You hide under a hood then try to prank a black guy, don’t you understand those pranks never work?

The parents of this idiot should be slammed a couple of times under that hood. Who lets their kids hide in a car hood knowing that the person holding it is going to be shit faced shocked when it opens?

How Staten Island Handles Jordan Sneaker Frenzy

Getting a pair of Jordan’s these days is damn near impossible. Hypebeasts out there causing lines for real sneakerheads to buy limited edition items. Most of the time unless you are waiting on lines or risking it with eBay resellers jacking up the prices, you can’t get these limited edition sneakers. One of my personal favorites the Jordan Bred 11′s were released Friday morning, and my boy Chris got them early. Keeping with how NYC does, and especially how any respectable asshole does it, Chris drives past the line with his sneak preview sneaker hanging out blasting “I don’t like” laughing at the clowns waiting to get theirs.

Check it out.

5th Grader Ripping High School Varsity Kids On The Court. Just Another Day for “Handles”


MaxPreps – WTF is going on here? This 11 year old superstar is 4′ 5″ and just ripping these high school kids apart. I don’t care that this high school doesn’t compete on any level, it doesn’t matter that it looks like they’re just standing around when he drives, Handle’s disrespects them over and over. This kid won’t even need to make it through 9th grade before some scout signs him. He’s going to be destroying Pros on the court across the U.S. before he hits puberty.

Eagle Snatching Boy is a Fake… Take Your Kids Back To The Playground

This Eagle snatching the little kid off the field has to be the biggest video going around right now, as much as I want to believe this bird just grabbed the kid as prey, too many people are calling it a hoax because of the how it’s filmed. Every 10 year old’s dreams of being scooped up and flown around for a while were just squashed.

We have the evidence after the break
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Homeland Best Show of the Year? It Did Give Us More of Morena Baccarin…

8bee3c91edaca86a2efebc3f1b33b05aHomeland only has two seasons under its belt, but already has the following of some 2.7 Millions viewers. This years season finale pulled in record breaking ratings for a Showtime original, and while it wasn’t as popular as Showtime’s other hit show Dexter, with 3.4 Million viewers, it did have a huge twist that is sure to leave most people dying for more in surprise. Unfortunately like most hits on TV, there has to be at least one character you could do without and this shows winner is Brody’s daughter who cries like a b*tch in every episode. SNL Depicts that pretty well in a video after the break.

For those that have seen the show, the best highlight of it is seeing Morena Baccarin, and not only because you get to see her amazingly beautiful chest at least once a season, but because she can’t speak a word without any man thinking about her vagina.

Gallery of Morena Baccarin MILF of the year after the break as well (Warning NSFW).

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When a Fat Kid Wants Noodles, You Give Him Noodles.

Not really much to say here. Cup’O'Noodles is really fucking good. Poor kid looks like he might be a same sex marriage applicant in the near future and on top of dealing with the shit that goes along with that, he can’t even get some noodles.

He needs to think less about eating noodles and instead running off those C Cups. He just wants “his shit”. “I swear to God I am going to fuck up these bitches”.

Credit to LilJoe213 for the video