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All Your Text Messages Could Soon Be Saved By Carriers … Some Things Are Better Left Deleted

wide_Girl-textingCNet -
AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and other wireless providers would be required to capture and store Americans’ confidential text messages, according to a proposal that will be presented to a congressional panel today.
The law enforcement proposal would require wireless providers to record and store customers’ SMS messages — a controversial idea akin to requiring them to surreptitiously record audio of their customers’ phone calls — in case police decide to obtain them at some point in the future.
“Billions of texts are sent every day, and some surely contain key evidence about criminal activity,” Richard Littlehale from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation will tell Congress, according to a copy (PDF) of his prepared remarks. “In some cases, this means that critical evidence is lost. Text messaging often plays a big role in investigations related to domestic violence, stalking, menacing, drug trafficking, and weapons trafficking.”

While this might concern some, I really don’t give a shit. I am more concerned with what people will think when they see the shit I send out to other human beings on a daily basis. My messages aren’t to bitches or in any way about cheating, but more or less how disgusting/absurd/immoral/degrading my friends and I can be. It’s part of what we do as men. You aren’t truly friends with another guy, unless you have abused him for every attribute that his girlfriend/wife might like about him. If you haven’t sent a shit picture to your friends, then you aren’t truly friends with them. With that being said, these messages should never be recovered, they are meant for one time conversations and then to be disposed of permanently. Bad move Big Brother, you’re only fucking over the way our girlfriends/wives will look at us when they see the shit we send.

Handles Are Overrated, Why This Knife Proves You Never Needed One

dezeen_Primitive-knife-by-Michele-Daneluzzo-for-Del-Ben_5 dezeen_Primitive-knife-by-Michele-Daneluzzo-for-Del-Ben_8This is the Italian designed knife that is becoming known for making us look like assholes for years for using a handle to cut with. This knife is designed by Michele Daneluzzo, in an attempt to improve on something that has really always been the same, the kitchen knife. Michele was attending a school in Vienna, and decided that instead of exerting the pressure on the wooden handle, that why can’t we create a handle as part of the blade itself.

The knife is made of one piece of steel, that goes from a razor-sharp edge to a rounded handle. The handle is supposed to allow you to cut with more precision and strength, as you are now using the force directly on the blade. The direct pressure on the blade creates less force being exerted unnecessarily and makes it easier to filet that salmon.

Cutlery isn’t something that I normally give a shit about, but this just screamed “hey asshole, even you could have thought of something like this”. Reason number 234589, that I am always going to be broke. Something as stupid as the knife, just made this women thousands, if not millions for her pothead idea. Courtesy of Dezeen

64=23. Yup, You Read That Right.

20130129-224458.jpg So Microsoft’s new tablet comes out February 9th, wonderfully named the Surface Pro. So what’s the difference between this one and that other Surface? This one runs Windows 8. Ok, so the other one does too….but it’s a fake version. Seriously. It’s Windows 8 RT or something. Not Windows 8. Make sense? This one will run the real desktop version, so just about anything you can install on a desktop, you can install on this. The big news, as pointed out by The Verge is that the 64 gig version of this thing is going to ship with only 23 gigs of free space. How can they even use these sizes as a selling point?! You buy the 64 and get 23. You splurge on the 128 and get 80 something free. So insane. Well done Microsoft.

“Tonight I’m uh downloading porn at 14 kilobits a second. Haha, I’m just kidding. I got a cable modem back here.” -Carl, Aqua Teen Hunger Force


Soooooo remember when we talked about home automation here? And we told you about how it was the next big thing to look for. Well, with this Kickstarter project, it could be a very soon reality. The company Securifi released the first touchscreen router last year named the Almond. This thing doesn’t even need to be hooked up to a computer to be set up, and it got some amazing reviews. Now that same company is looking for funding via Kickstarter to bring the Almond+ to market later this year (they need $250k in funding….and last I checked, they were at almost $100k….in less than 24 hours). The router is not only touchscreen but also rocks the new (hopefully) soon to be wifi standard AC. So instead of waiting hours to download that torrented Jayden James video at 300-450Mbps, you’ll be able to download it in the time it takes for you to put on your creepy Marvin Gaye music you love. AC speeds can hit 1,300Mbps. Insane. Check out some more details after the break.  Continue reading

Surface Rules, Apple Drools……Wait, What?

surfvsipadHonestly, I can’t believe this report. This is one of those moments where, if this is true, a good chunk of people reading this are going to feel like they are completely out of touch with the younger generation. BGR is reporting that, according to a new survey, Apple is no longer cool. In fact, it’s too ‘cool’ to really be cool. The report was done by a marketing group that specializes in youth marketing. They claim that teens are more interested in the Surface tablet and Samsung’s line of Galaxy phones instead of iPads and iPhones.

The Galaxy phones I can kind of see. Samsung is pushing the envelope more than Apple is in regards to phone technology. And if the app ecosystem for Android continues to grow the way it is, Apple might have some stiff competition. But this notion that teens want the surface tablet over the iPad is insane. Seriously, what’re you gonna do with the Surface? Download all 6 apps that are available and play with the kickstand?

First We Saved You Money On A Lightning Cable, Now We’re Saving Your Battery Life.

41QrhQ3Dv9LSo first we delivered on saving you a whole $4.01 on a lightning cable, now we want to introduce you to your new friend for that cable. Normally we don’t like to advertise outside of what we have on the site for banners, but this was too good of a deal not to point out. Two backup batteries that are extremely portable and have a great extra boost almost 40 hours for both, all for 39.99 shipped.

These two backup batteries that are both great alternatives to cases you have to have on your phone. These are great in terms of battery size (6000mAh & 5200mAh), what those numbers equate to is almost a full day of use on top of the internal battery. Pocket sized, so if you need to take it out with you it won’t be bulky and inconvenient. One of the bundled chargers is also a dual USB, so you won’t have to worry about charging your wife’s phone while you sit there running out of juice.

Click the links below and to add both to your amazon cart, then enter code FREEIMIR when you check out.

Click Here single USB  and Click Here for the dual USB  

Does Everybody Know What Time It Is??? Toooool Tiiimmee!

20130110-213639.jpg This watch is going to be bad ass. It was a Kickstarter project that was originally supposed to be released in October, but after raising so much money, they decided to hold off and rethink their production strategy. At CES this year, they finally made an announcement for when units would be shipping. The website has a nice video showing some of the functionality the watch has. Take a look after the break.

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Never Forget To Buy Your Beer Again.

Samsung T9000_2Sooooooo Samsung introduced a new fridge at CES. A fridge running Android OS on a touchscreen. Yup….now even your fridge has a tablet in it. Right now, it doesn’t have full access to the Play store, but it has some apps built in already. It’s got some video and photo apps, but the coolest feature it’s got is Evernote integration. Personally, I’ve a fan of Google Drive, but the fact that you can quickly write a note on what you need at the store and have it sync to your Evernote account is pretty cool. The downside….the price tag comes in at a nice $4000. If it where up to me, I think I’d rather buy a regular fridge and throw an iPad in my kitchen, like this guy did.



This Is My Favorite Time Of The Year.

CES 2013

So CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2013 technically kicks off tomorrow in Las Vegas. Some of the bigger companies are already having press releases and showing off their new toys though. If you have no idea what CES is….let me make a comparison for you: CES to a geek is like the North Pole is to Will Ferrell in Elf. Seriously. Most of the cool shit that you’re going to be buying this year and into early next year, is being shown off for the first time in these few days. Check out some of the cool things that have been announced after the break. Continue reading

I’m About To Save You $4.01. You’re Welcome.

20130103-205044.jpg Need an extra lightning cable for your new iPad, iPad mini, or iPhone 5? Amazon is currently selling their Amazon Basics cable for $14.99. That’s right, you save a wicked $4.01 off of the Apple OEM cable at $19. And yes, I agree…$14.99 is still way too much to pay for a cable. I can’t wait for them to drop as low as the old 30 pins so I can get a 6 footer for $6.

The Amazon version looks like it has a bigger footprint, so if your case has a small cutout for your lightning port, you may be SOL. But, it’s never a bad idea to keep an extra around. Amazon had listed this for sale a week or two ago before it randomly pulled it for sale in the US, so you might want to grab it quick if you need one. Grab it here if you’re interested.

Yup, I’m THAT Guy.

20121230-202953.jpg Ok so don’t judge me, but I’m looking at buying a keyboard to use with my iPad. I’m starting to use it to type a lot more and the onscreen keyboard isn’t cutting it. I know I don’t want a big huge case/keyboard combo thing….so I can’t decide what to get. Do you guys have any suggestions or use any yourself? Let me know in the comments below.

Good News For You New Yorkers.

20121229-162535.jpg If you live in New York and use the subway to get around, some big news is coming your way. The MTA has released an app for iOS devices that shows real time arrival times at 156 stations for 7 lines. The app is technically in test mode, but it sounds pretty robust. It can handle up to 5,000 requests per second. Now personally I don’t live in NY so this is useless to me, but its cool seeing official government apps come out to serve a real purpose.

If you’re interested, the app is called MTA Subway Times.


America, F&*k Yeah.

So a few weeks ago, Tim Cook mentioned in an interview that Apple would be sinking around $100 million into producing a product in the Mac family in the good ol’ U-S-of-A. Now he was pretty tight lipped as far as what product, and where it would be produced stateside.

Digitimes is reporting that Apple will be producing the Mac Mini here in the US. This is a great move for Apple. They can produce a low cost product (mainly because there are no screens involved in the mini) and market the shit out of it, with Made In The USA branding. And probably charge a bit of a premium from what the Mini goes for now. Well played Apple, well played.

Suck It Surface.

photo-520x395So by now, I’m sure you all have heard about Oprah’s massive screw up in trying to promote the Microsoft Surface tablet. And it looks like everyone this holiday season followed suit, and avoided the Surface like it was the bubonic plague…if we lived in Europe….in the 1300′s. Anyway. It’s just a matter of time before this thing is in a grave next to it’d older brother, the Zune. Check out what twitter user A.X. Ian put together after the break. Continue reading

Last Minute Shopping is For Champs, So Here Are 5 Fail Proof Gifts For The Females In Your Life

procrastinateLike every other champ out there, I waited until the last minute to pick up gifts, and now I am contemplating what to get wifey. But, buying gifts without a wishlist is absolutely a waste of time and money. Never has there been a more annoying task than worrying about buying for someone and hoping they will like the gift. My wife always throws shit out there, little hints here and there, and typically will give me a list, but this year she’s fucking with me by making me go at it blind. I am assuming its the whole “we’re married now, you should know” tactic, but I am not falling for it. So I decided to put together a little list. This is for all the other guys out there that are wondering what the hell you should be heading out to buy 2 hours before the Mall closes. Shitty or not here’s my fail proof list for 4PM shopping before the mall closes at 6.

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Hey Cheap Ass, This Is For You.

20121223-141838.jpg So EA right now is having a massive sale on a lot of their iPhone and iPad apps in the App Store. You can visit this site here and take a look at what’s on sale. You can also click on the Daily Spin thing at the top and play a slot machine game for a free app. Take a peek after the break at some of the apps I grabbed. Continue reading

JBL Flip Speaker: Even Bieber Would Sound Good On This Thing

JBLFlip1So I’ve had this speaker about a month now, and I’ve gotta’s blown me away. It’s one of JBL’s newest entries into the portable bluetooth speaker market that can go head to head with Jawbone’s Jambox……but at almost half the price. The sound quality on this is amazing, and you really have to hear it to believe it. Grab some more details after the break. Continue reading

Tom from MySpace Just Sitting on Stacks of Money Abusing Everyone

anderson22apr2009HuffingtonPost - The best tweet this year from any person with more than $500 Million in the bank goes to Tom from MySpace. Tom  was speaking about the new Instagram privacy policy, and how ridiculous it is. Some guy  attempted to make fun of Tom about the big fail that is MySpace now, but Tom quickly responded.  With true new money etiquette, and asshole mentality Tom replied “says the guy who sold MySpace in 2005 for $580 Million while you slave away hoping for a half-day off”.


What I don’t understand is what the big deal is. Who doesn’t talk shit to celebrities/athletes on twitter? It’s sooo easy and typically theres no repercussion of telling someone like 50Cent he’s terrible at 8AM. You have to do it at every chance possible, theres so much money in their bank accounts they can pay for therapy if you actually do effect them so who cares. This Polo Tapia guy is such a puss for deleting his account. Polo bitched out and didn’t even point out that it took Tom until he was in his 30′s to do it while Zuck was blowing 500 Mill at 26.



Arian Foster Gives Entire O-Line Segways to Shut Them Up

Houston Texans vs. Baltimore RavensWhat’s it like to have lots of money, more than you know what to do with? Ask Arian Foster. He gave his entire O-Line Segways. You ask why? Because they would always look at him with jealousy and give him shit for riding his Segway around. To help them understand, you do what any asshole with million does, put them in your shoes.

Video after the break Continue reading