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Andy Reid to the Chiefs?


According to numerous sources around the NFL, it looks like Andy Reid will be the next coach of the Cardinals Chiefs? In the beginning of the week, it was said that Arizona had him locked up and that a Reid would be there. It seems that the Chiefs are willing to give him a lot more control of the team and the decisions and Arizona wasn’t too keen on doing that. Reid was let go by the Eagles on MONDAY, and looks to be the first of the coaches let go to land a new gig (personally, I thought Lovie would be the first.) No details of the agreement have emerged, but an update will be added when more news comes in.



NFL Playoffs Ready to Go!!!

Alfred Morris, Gerald Sensabaugh

The NFL wrapped up its season in wild fashion yesterday, as week 17 came to an epic end as Washington beat Dallas to win the NFC East. Here is how the playoffs look starting next weekend:


1. Atlanta 2. SF 3. Green Bay 4. Washington 5. Seattle 6. Minnesota


1. Denver 2. NE 3. Houston 4. Baltimore 5. Indy 6. Cincy

Crazy Craig’s playoff prediction:

Game 1: Saturday,4:30pm : Cincy at Houston- Rematch from a year ago, these two teams have a lot to prove. The Bengals Defense is going to be too much to handle, Cincy wins 24-14

Game 2: Saturday, 8pm: Vikings at Green Bay: Aaron Rodgers has a chip on his shoulder. A very big chip. Vikings squeaked one out in week 17, but not 18. Packers 31-Vikings 21

Game 3: Sunday, 1pm: Indy at Baltimore: Baltimore wanted this match up,  thinking that they can get to Luck early. Time and time again, Indy finds a way to win, but not this game. Baltimore wins 17-14

Game 4: Sunday, 4:30 PM:  Seattle at Washington: This is going to be the best game of the entire playoffs I think. High powered offenses squaring off against each other. Seattle’s been putting up points like crazy, and Washington has a lot of momentum going into this game, but Seattle wins 38-35.


There are my playoff week one predictions. Though I expect to go 4-0, I could very well go 0-4 with how close all teams are talent wise. Do you disagree with any of my choices?



Screen shot 2012-12-28 at 11.53.14 PMIn a last ditch effort to keep the Giant’s season alive, I know of someone who might have risked money on this insane parlay. The Giants need a win on Sunday against the Seagulls in addition to having the Cowboys lose, the Bears Lose and the Vikings lose. All in all this doesn’t seem like a bad scenario considering the Lion’s are looking good and want to help accelerate CJ’s record breaking season, the Viking’s blow ball goats and the Cowgirls typically choke when around pressure.

I can already see you football fairies out there hating, but you better be ready for the Giants, because if they make this insane scenario play out, we’re looking at another World Championship Season! Everyone’s going to have a ring! HE GOT ONE TOO, HE GOT ONE TOO!!

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Dana White Isn’t Worried About Steroids, Thinks Potheads Pose A Bigger Threat

alistair-overeemBrockLesnarYAHOO - REALLY?! UFC President Dana White is worried about Marijuana and not Steroids. Has he actually looked at a lot of his fighters? They aren’t huge and shredded like a guerilla for no reason, and to give someone who tested positive for marijuana the same year-long suspension that they would give some who test positive for steroids is retarded. Dana is a clown, most states are legalizing pot anyways so who cares. Pot causes man tits right? Myth or not if it does then who cares if they smoke it, it’ll mean that much more time in the gym.

Avery Johnson Fired in BK


After a 14-14 start, and 3-10 in the last 13 last games, the Brooklyn Nets have fired coach Avery Johnson. This announcement was made today by general manager Billy King. In sort of a shock, the Nets organization was grateful for his efforts, but wanted to move in a new direction. In two seasons as the Nets coach, Johnson’s record was 60-116. No interim coach has been named yet.

Update: According ESPN, P.J. Carlesimo has been named interim coach… adding more head scratching and humor to this story.

J.R. Smith Still Can’t Be Held Down With Another Buzzer Beater… Also Still Can’t Salsa

JRSMITHSALSAThere isn’t too much that can be said here. J.R. is unstoppable when it comes to last-minute jump shots recently. He hits the first of 2 last minute jumpers to tie up the game, then gets an inbound pass from Kidd to shutter the Sun’s hopes with 1 second left in the game. Smith finished the game with 27 points, Kidd with 21 points and all this without Melo in to assist … Lets refer back to the post about Smith and Tahiry… when you’re jumping on ass like that playing ball must be easy. Watch tonight’s highlight video after the break.

The saddest part of all this is when he breaks out the Victor Cruz Salsa and absolutely demolishes it. You can’t just break that shit out and expect everyone to respect it because you are on fire right now. Stop that shit son. You can’t salsa, we respect you trying, but you look like an gringo.

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EPL Boxing Day Mayhem!

Clive Brunskil/ Getty Images

Clive Brunskil/ Getty Images

Manchester United expanded their lead in the English Premiere League today with a wild win versus Newcastle. New Castle United dominated the game until they did their best impression of New Castle United and imploded in the second half. A shot off the goal post late in the match turned into goal in the 90th by Chicharito, which sealed a 4-3 victory for the Reds. Controversy will arise from this match, with Sir Alex Ferguson, abusing the refs about missed calls and calls not going his way. This was a great victory for Man U, because their crosstown rivals, Manchester City lost 1-0 to Sunderland, now gives them a 7 point lead in the table. Former City winger Adam Johnson netted a goal in the 53rd minute, and superb goal keeping by Simon Migonlet, led Sunderland to victory. Chelsea kept pace with a 1-0 win against Norwich City, thanks to a goal in the 38′ by Juan Mata. Does Manchester United have the power to hold the lead in the table?

The top of the able right now is:

Manchester United: 46

Manchester City: 39

Chelsea: 36

Everton: 33

West Bromwich Albion: 33

Chad Johnson Sextape a Product of Boredom?

chadochocincoNYDN- The NFL player formally known as OCHOCINCO isn’t catching footballs anymore, instead he’s trying to manage ménage à trois while filming it. Chad Johnson recently admitted to being in a sex tape that has gone viral. SHOCKINGLY  he is claiming that he didn’t want the tape to go public, and that it was leaked unwillingly into the hands of someone smart enough to upload it to the internet. We’re calling BULLSHIT. Okay so we understand that Chad Johnson claims he wants to be resigned, and that he is definitely worth looking at for some teams. But what happens in the mean time, when he isn’t required to go to practice and watch tape… you make sex-tapes  Any man in his spot would do it, but own up to it Chad, this was intentionally done because your bored and wanted to get your name back out there. Don’t forget about Chad’s condoms, and some role we should be seeing these show up in once the video makes it’s official debut.

***Video after the break***


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Shocker: Fergie is Crying as Man U Ties with Swansea

Sir Alex Ferguson is crying foul after Manchester United tied with Swansea on Sunday, ending Man U’s five game win streak and letting Man City gain points on them on the table. The 1-1 match included goals by Patrice Evra in the 16th minute for Man U and Johnathan De Guzman for Swansea in the 29th. Late in the match, is what had Fergie crying foul, when Robbie Van Persie hit the crossbar on a rocket and Swansea defense man Ashley Williams cleared the ball right into RVP’s face after the whistle had blown. Fergie said “The Van Persie situation you can clearly see that he could have been killed. He should be banned for a long time because that was the most dangerous thing I’ve seen on a football field for many years. It was absolutely deliberate. The whistle has gone, the game has stopped and he has done that right in front of the referee. He could have killed the lad.” Williams was shocked of the accusation and reacted “I was trying to clear the ball, and it hit him in his head.” Great recap Ashley.

Sir Alex, obviously frustrated with the tie, was also upset because of the late win by Manchester City versus Reading put The Citizens only 4 points back. Garerth Barry headed the ball into the back of the net from a cross from David Silva in extra time. The Reds and the Blues are back on the pitch on Wednesday taking on New Castle and Sunderland respectfully.

The Bengals are Going to the Playoffs

photosWho Dey! The city of Cincinnati is rejoicing after the Bengals knocked off the Steelers in defensive struggle 13-10. A interception on Ben Roethlisberger by Reggie Nelson with 14 seconds left, led to a 21 yard strike from Andy Dalton to A.J. Green, set up a Josh Brown 43 yard field goal to give the Bengals the win. The sloppy win gets the Bengals into the playoffs for the second year in a row, the first time that this has happened since 1981-1982. The best thing about this victory is that the Bengals did this against their rivals the Steelers and eliminated them from playoff contention.

The AFC playoff teams were determined with the Cincinnati win. The Bengals, Ravens, Texans, Patriots, Broncos and Colts. Now, if the bi-polar NY Giants decide that they want to play like a NFL team this week, the Bengals have a shot at winning the AFC North. The Ravens fans were going crazy pre game, as they were showing the end of the Cincinnati/Pittsburgh game on the big screen and they saw the Steelers eliminated.

RIP Ryan Freel


Ryan Freel, utility player that mostly played with the Cincinnati Reds was found dead yesterday in his Floridahome. The police are ruling this a suicide, for they found a shotgun in his possession. Freel played 9 major league season, and was at once a top prospect in the Cincinnati Reds organization. Freel last played in 2009 with the Chicago Cubs, and he was a career .268 hitter. The Reds organization released the following:

“We Reds family is deeply saddened to hear the death of Ryan Freel. His teammates and our fans love him for how hard he played the game and he loved giving back to the community. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.”

R.I.P Ryan Freel.

Calvin Johnson Breaks Jerry Rice’s Record, I’m That Much Closer To The Shiva


Photo Courtesy Deadspin

Jerry Rice, the greatest receiver that ever did it, just handed over his season record over to Calvin Johnson. Johnson is heading towards 2,000 yards for the season. And with big CJ breaking Jerry Rice’s all time high record of 1,845 back in 95′ by finishing the night with 1,892, he’s probably going to do it. Calvin is a beast, it’s not often that you hear so many talk so positive about someone of this caliber.

More importantly than Megatron breaking records and making defenders question their position, CJ just assisted with a great start to the final game of fantasy season. One step closer, and I really want to thank the 4 assholes that left him for me to pick in the first round.

Screen shot 2012-12-23 at 12.28.51 AM

The Shiva is about to be mine.


The Citizens Fine Balotelli and Mancini Has a Message For Him


ESPN - Manchester City is fined striker and “bad boy” Mario Balotelli for two games pay or 340,000.00 GBP. The fine is a result of last years antics on the field for City as the 22 year old Italian showed the soccer (football) what kind of player he really is. It was a modest fine, as Balotelli was suspended for 11 out of the 54 games played by the Blue. Roberto Mancini, coach of Manchester City, has expressed to Balotelli that he must learn to respect himself before he can respect anyone else.  The striker did not travel with the team to Newcastle and will not be on the pitch tomorrow as they take on Reading. When asked if Balotelli would be released by the team Mancini said “Mario is like the other players. If he deserves another chance, he will have another chance. Now he must deserve this.”


Arian Foster Gives Entire O-Line Segways to Shut Them Up

Houston Texans vs. Baltimore RavensWhat’s it like to have lots of money, more than you know what to do with? Ask Arian Foster. He gave his entire O-Line Segways. You ask why? Because they would always look at him with jealousy and give him shit for riding his Segway around. To help them understand, you do what any asshole with million does, put them in your shoes.

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5th Grader Ripping High School Varsity Kids On The Court. Just Another Day for “Handles”


MaxPreps – WTF is going on here? This 11 year old superstar is 4′ 5″ and just ripping these high school kids apart. I don’t care that this high school doesn’t compete on any level, it doesn’t matter that it looks like they’re just standing around when he drives, Handle’s disrespects them over and over. This kid won’t even need to make it through 9th grade before some scout signs him. He’s going to be destroying Pros on the court across the U.S. before he hits puberty.

These Athletes Are True Heroes


I won’t lie. I’m not a big market guy. Growing up in Cincinnati and Metro Detroit, I usually HATE the amount of attention that athletes out of New York or LA get. But when athletes step up like these two guys did, it makes me happy that the stardom only means so much to them. After the tragedy that happened last week in Newtown, I think we were all left feel extremely lost and helpless. When the funerals for these innocent victims started to happen, no one could not know what the families of these innocent victims were going through. You would hear little stories of the victims that they were “the biggest Giants fan” or “the biggest Yankees fan” and you would think nothing of it. Two New York athletes let these families know that they really cared about the biggest fans.

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Tough Times On The North Side?

cubfansThe Chicago Cubs and Edwin Jackson are close to a four year, 52 million dollar deal. Jackson, who at best is a number for starter in a rotation, will be that second questionable signing of a number four this year. This shows signs of desperation for the beloved Cubbies, not inking Anabal Sanchez and not making a big name move. Theo Epstein is realizing that getting an athlete to go to Wrigley to play ball isn’t as easy as it was in Fenway.

The 29 year old pitcher has been in the makes for 10 years, and is career 70-71 with a ERA at 4.40 and is just shy of 1000 K’s. He hadn’t been able top find a home as well, bring with eight franchises in those 10 years. Texas believes that they are still in the hunt with signing Jackson, but it seems he would play a more pivotal role on the Cubs (perhaps a number two on the rotation)  then he would on the Rangers where he would be a number four.

RGlll aka “CORNBALL” gets fined 10G’s

Robert Griffin IIICBSSports- Talk about throwing salt in a wound. A week ago RGlll’s blackness was being questioned and he was being called a cornball. Now he’s being fined $10,000 by the NFL (aka No Fun League) for wearing Adidas to a game he didn’t even play in. Credit to Adidas for signing on Griffin even though the NFL signed with NIke as their sponsor. I thought only Rev Run still rocked Adidas, I didn’t know they still existed, NIKE ALL DAY.

On a side note, some lucky charity is about to receive $10,000 from RGIII’s $21,000,000 bank account.

Tebow Pissed and Sanchez… Gone?

sancheztebowHoly Balls! Stop the presses! There is a “Quarterback Controversy” in the Meadowlands. In a story that grabbed the headlines today, it appears that Tim Tebow is not happy that former Alabama star Greg McElroy got the nod over him to start on Sunday. Tebow told reporters that he is puzzled at the decision and that he was wondering what the point of trading for him was in the off-season. When asked if he had been asked to be traded, he said “I have not been asked to be traded, yet.” The yet is a big sign that he is not happy riding the bench and he thinks he can be a starter somewhere. I am trying to think of possible destinations that I could see Tebow going to, and the only one that sticks out is Arizona… and if he didn’t make it as an NLF QB, his right wing political beliefs would make him the next candidate for governor of that state.

Mark Sanchez on the other hand has lost his starting position and it seems he might have lost his spot on the Jets. The noodle armed quarterback is apparently on the trading block according to multiple reports out of New York. The issue with this is, Sanchez has $8.35 million guaranteed in 2013, and sorry, no team is going to take that on. To get rid of Sanchez, the Jets are going to have to eat a lot of that contract which will put them even further behind in the rebuilding process. Not that this is a shock to anyone that remotely likes sports, but how did the Jets really think that Sanchez was really “Sanchize”? Who green lighted the deal to sign him through 2016? It boggles my mind that someone gets paid millions of dollars to take decisions, that are terrible decisions, and they still have jobs. Well, good luck with this debacle Jets organization, even though so many of us saw this coming a mile away.

UPDATE- Sources out of New York are saying that the Jets will release Tim Tebow at the end of the year and Sanchez will be traded or released if no suitors come about (which won’t happen). McElroy will be starting QB for the Jets in the 2013 season… how do you feel about this Jets fans?