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J.R. Smith Just Can’t Be Held Down, Shat All Over Kris Humphries On Twitter

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And J.R. Smith can’t be stopped abusing Kris Humphries about Kanye announcing baby mama in the Garden. He doesn’t care about any of these kids in the streets. First he just demolishes Budden’s ex, then he decides that he’ll just repeatedly win games with last-minute jump shots, then he just shat all over Kris Humphries with this latest tweet.

Wale And Seinfeld Are Making An Album Together… #Nothing

seinfeld-wale-SLNYPost – Wale and Seinfeld, this is going to be bigger than Jay and R.Kelly. No one saw this coming, the game is about to change. Seinfeld made a show about nothing, it went on to be the biggest show ever, and Wale just convinced him to help him make a third mixtape about nothing with him.

No chance in hell did Wale ever think when he made his mixtape titled “The Mixtape About Nothing” that Jerry Seinfeld would ever be featured in any tracks. 5 Years later, and boom, Seinfeld is talking on video about how his wife is obsessed with Wale and some how the 3 (Seinfeld, Seinfeld’s Wife and Wale) are all in a threesome. WTF is going on here, not only is Jerry Seinfeld suddenly talking like he’s black in the video, but he’s admitting that his wife wants to take on Wale’s BBC. Just another day in the life of Jerry.


Daniella Moyles Accidentally Outs Her Nipple, Meanwhile Rihanna Can’t Shut Her Slut Off

danielle1_1150923aGod I love who ever Danielle Moyles is. I had no idea she even existed. Now I am sitting here staring at her nipple wondering where she was this whole time. She was at an award show called the Erics Awards, when her nipple showed up. Hit continue reading for the nipple shot.

Then across the world, we have an article about Rihanna that just can’t go a day without spreading her legs and showing the world. She definitely is hot, but I can’t sit here and constantly stare at her at like a slut and want more. It’s like seeing a porn stars tits daily, you already see enough of it, so the chase is gone.

So what is better, the one picture of Daniella Moyles nipple or this entire collage of Rihanna spreading her legs?

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Are You Famous?… Yes.

Get off my train

Jay-Z is one of the most recognized names in music today. Whether you listen to hip hop or not, you know the name Jay-Z. Some may or may not recognize what he looks like, and those that don’t listen to rap will have an excuse to have no clue what Jay-Z looks like. But when you are somebody of Jay’s status, a mogul, the last question you EVER expect to hear at this point in your career is … “Are you famous?“. You have to respect this old white lady, forget about the cameraman, security, tons of fans… she just wants to know why your causing all this commotion on her way home bro.

Check the video after the break and go to 19:30 for the convo.

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