Today is the day Washington became legal

WA I was never much of a pothead, but if it’s going to be thrown in my face at 7am when I’m grabbing my first cup of coffee… why not.

Washington state, home of Starbucks, voted to legalize marijuana and it went into effect today. This is going to be a huge step forward for your usual medium coffee with a donut order. If all goes as planned you’ll be able to pick up a medium coffee (black…The way real men drink it) with an ounce of the special of the week pot.

This is going to be huge. Think about it, while Starbucks is busy trying to sell $450 dollar reward cards and these guys are going to be handing out dime bags for every ten you buy.

Every state is legalizing marijuana, and doing it because that’s what people demand. F that gold card status, I’m going for drug dealer status.