BestBuy gives away free iPads, customers complain

Yahoo- A BestBuy customer reported that they ordered 1 iPad, but opened the box to reveal that a total of 5 were in the box. So like any moron, the customer calls up BestBuy to explain that they ordered 1 iPad, not 5. BestBuy decided that it is the holiday season, and told the customer that the iPads should be given “to people in need”.

Not understanding between right and wrong has nothing to do with being free

After reading this story, I now know why corporations have policies that they must adhere to, and should do strictly. It’s not everyday that you get 4 free iPads, but you get the free iPads and then decide to try and return them?! This customer of BestBuy should be told to return all of the iPads, including the one they purchase, and to do so with a restocking fee. You have to be some tard to see you were only charged for 1 iPad, but call in to COMPLAIN about receiving the other 4? Seriously, you aren’t a good samaritan at this point, you are an idiot.

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