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Next time you’re trying to make some $$$ on eBay, post a Naked Pic of yourself.

Naked-eBay-sellerMSTARZ- 21 year-old Aimi Jones “accidentally” posted a picture of herself with no panties on on one of her eBay auctions, she took the picture down seconds later but not before some sleeze ball with a quick mouse click was able to copy the picture. The picture hows now gone viral, Aimi should take advantage of it, I know we at the are looking for a BIG BREAK like this to have our Website to go viral.Naked-eBay-seller yelloe-jpg

Patriot Fan’s Talking Shit

Ray Lewis billboard2YHOO- Billboards operated by Clear Channel in Boston have a countdown running for Ray Lewis’ retirement party which they predict is going to be this Sunday.  If you were hoping for the Patriots to lose I bet you’re hoping they lose that much more as I am. Normally I wouldn’t care, but I’m a NY Giants Fan and I can’t stand the Patriots like many other football fans across the United States. So on Sunday Ray Lewis I’ll be throwing back a few beers and rooting for you, and hoping that the Ravens kick some Patriot ass in Foxboro so Ray’s retirement party won’t come for another 2 weeks in New Orleans.

Johnny “CA$H” Manziel

Heisman Ballin'

NYPost- So i guess when you win the Heisman trophy you start making money even when your in college, this years Heisman trophy winner Johnny Manziel was out in the casino ballin out this weekend. Johnny posted the above picture on his twitter account, and quickly deleted it, what an idiot why delete it now your underneath a microscope everyones watching you, only to come back with a tweet later on saying “Nothin illegal about being 18+ in a casino and winning money…KEEP HATING!”. We will keep hating Johnny as long as your making money.

More Money Mo Problems!!


berlusconi_silvioYahoo- 76 year old Ex-Italian PM Silvo Berlusconi AKA MONEYBAGS AKA BIG DOG BILLIONAIRE has to pay his ex-wife Veronica Lario $47.2 million a year in alimony. In her divorce filing, Veronica was citing his taste for younger and under aged women were the main cause for divorce. But c’mon, who doesn’t want younger women?

Apparently this guy was some type of perv having sex parties in his villa, having sex with a 17 year-old dancer that he hired who is now suing him, you know normal shit any guy part of the Billionaire Boys Club would do. Can you even imagine though paying that much money just so he can marry his piece of 27 year old gold digging ass.


Dana White Isn’t Worried About Steroids, Thinks Potheads Pose A Bigger Threat

alistair-overeemBrockLesnarYAHOO - REALLY?! UFC President Dana White is worried about Marijuana and not Steroids. Has he actually looked at a lot of his fighters? They aren’t huge and shredded like a guerilla for no reason, and to give someone who tested positive for marijuana the same year-long suspension that they would give some who test positive for steroids is retarded. Dana is a clown, most states are legalizing pot anyways so who cares. Pot causes man tits right? Myth or not if it does then who cares if they smoke it, it’ll mean that much more time in the gym.

Chad Johnson Sextape a Product of Boredom?

chadochocincoNYDN- The NFL player formally known as OCHOCINCO isn’t catching footballs anymore, instead he’s trying to manage ménage à trois while filming it. Chad Johnson recently admitted to being in a sex tape that has gone viral. SHOCKINGLY  he is claiming that he didn’t want the tape to go public, and that it was leaked unwillingly into the hands of someone smart enough to upload it to the internet. We’re calling BULLSHIT. Okay so we understand that Chad Johnson claims he wants to be resigned, and that he is definitely worth looking at for some teams. But what happens in the mean time, when he isn’t required to go to practice and watch tape… you make sex-tapes  Any man in his spot would do it, but own up to it Chad, this was intentionally done because your bored and wanted to get your name back out there. Don’t forget about Chad’s condoms, and some role we should be seeing these show up in once the video makes it’s official debut.

***Video after the break***


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How Staten Island Handles Jordan Sneaker Frenzy

Getting a pair of Jordan’s these days is damn near impossible. Hypebeasts out there causing lines for real sneakerheads to buy limited edition items. Most of the time unless you are waiting on lines or risking it with eBay resellers jacking up the prices, you can’t get these limited edition sneakers. One of my personal favorites the Jordan Bred 11′s were released Friday morning, and my boy Chris got them early. Keeping with how NYC does, and especially how any respectable asshole does it, Chris drives past the line with his sneak preview sneaker hanging out blasting “I don’t like” laughing at the clowns waiting to get theirs.

Check it out.

RGlll aka “CORNBALL” gets fined 10G’s

Robert Griffin IIICBSSports- Talk about throwing salt in a wound. A week ago RGlll’s blackness was being questioned and he was being called a cornball. Now he’s being fined $10,000 by the NFL (aka No Fun League) for wearing Adidas to a game he didn’t even play in. Credit to Adidas for signing on Griffin even though the NFL signed with NIke as their sponsor. I thought only Rev Run still rocked Adidas, I didn’t know they still existed, NIKE ALL DAY.

On a side note, some lucky charity is about to receive $10,000 from RGIII’s $21,000,000 bank account.

NFL Cheerleader turned MMA Fighter

Rachel Wray

Rachel Wray

MMA - Last year Rachel Wray was a Kansas City Chief’s cheerleader and this year she’s kicking ass in the octagon. After Gina Carano (12-1-1 record) got her ass kicked in her last bout, who knew we would ever see another MMA beauty. Hopefully we can get to see her live in action.

Take at look at Rachel after the break with video of her in the octagon.


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Asian Kid Has Obsession with Numbers… Shocker

NYDN- Today in Alabama, a kid turns 12 at 12:12PM. He is being called lucky, a blessing, AntiChrist… I am calling the kid a normal f*cking Asian. 5-1 odds that his “luck” didn’t come by change, but came from his nerd Asian parents sticking to the stereotype and being obsessed with numbers. God bless him because he’s going to be my kids boss, but he’s no AntiChrist/Luckiest person around.kiam13n-1-web

Man Charged with Sexual Assault on Donkeys


Gets no ass, turns to donkeys

NYDN- A man in Florida is accused of masturbating to donkeys in Florida. He is now fighting the crime against him, claiming that this is unconstitutional because sexual conduct in private, whether with a donkey or not, cannot be determined to cause harm or unconsensual.

Sure you jerk off to donkeys and think its okay, no problem bro, that’s not the most f*cked up thing ever. (Check out the victim after the break) Continue reading

Kimmy Cakes Barely makes ‘Most Desirable Woman’ list..Men with Absolutley No Taste rejoice Where does get their information from? What men did they ask and are they vagina loving? Absolutely no disrespect to Jennifer Lawrence, but we would put plenty of other celebs before her, including last years No.1 Sofia Vergara. If they kept Sofia in the top spot, I would have no complaints, but to put Kim K. at #98 is just crazy.

Don’t worry Kim K, we got your back… all 39 inches of it (continue reading to see it all).

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Saint’s Bounty Penalities Vacated

ESPN  - Good news for all players involved in this highly publicized case, unfortunately it lasted pretty much the whole season. Johnathan Vilma still plans to continue with his defamation suit again Commission Goodell, and I don’t blame him. Not too many players have been able to win appealed suspensions, it’s good to see a win for the players…


A Different Side of Sheen… And He Might Have The Right Idea


 NYPOST - Normally we want to side against Charlie Sheen (click me), but this time we have to agree. Charlie recently sent fellow druggie Lindsey Lohan 100k to assist her with her recent tax problems. The problem is that Charlie says he didn’t even receive a thank you for his kind deed.

If I had to speculate though, which I will, one crackhead gives another crackhead 100k… he isn’t just looking for a thank you… he’s lookin for some blowie action. And if we know Sheen as good as we think we do, he might be expecting Dina Lohan to get involved.