A 40,000 Pound Whale Carcass Washes Ashore… Seagulls rejoice


Seagulls digging out the Whale

Yahoo – A 40,000 lb whale carcass washed ashore on a private beach in Malibu, California this week.The whale carcass is 40 feet long, and looks like it’s doing local wildlife a favor. I don’t see the problem here.How often can wildlife say fuck a diet, and just go dig face deep into all the food they want without any type of remorse? We do it every year though at Thanksgiving, and although the local birds aren’t celebrating a national holiday, they still need a day of gluttony.

According to the article, no one is taking responsibility to move this beast, and the celebrities that live on the private beach aren’t shelling out the money to move it. So as of right now people are just dealing with a giant mess of whale meat getting ripped to pieces by the local Seagulls.