1 Hour, For 10 Years of Your Time


Look, a founding member sleeping at work… exactly what anyone watching these “1 Second” videos would do

Kickstarter – If someone made me sit down and watch 1 second of everyday of their life for the last 10 years, I would take their phone in the bathroom with me while I drop the biggest deuce the city has seen. I understand the importance of memories, and while I normally value every picture and video I take, I disagree that someone should take a “1 second” video. This “1 second” video that the app developers are speaking about is called a fucking picture, and if I wanted to remember the last 10 years of my life, I wouldn’t rely on an app to do it.

You know what I think is the worst part about this whole backwards project? The creators are assuming that you will have the same phone, manufacturer etc. I don’t plan on leaving an iPhone, but if I did, the last thing I would think about is a stupid app creating 1 second videos of myself to play back 10 years from now.